It’s that time of the year again when Santa is schedule to delivery presents to kids all over the world. This year we’re sick of waiting around for him and decided to be Santa for one day! Just for the fun of it, here’s what we did 3 days before Christmas.

we don’t bring cool presents like Santa so we make them.

We had more company this Christmas to celebrate with. To kick start the day, we introduce ourselves and let our friends watch some episodes of our own creation, Stoneboy.

Everyone is crowding around the oven table, excited to see their own creation.

Drawing session to make Christmas cards with our animators.

After all that craft baking and drawing session, here’s what we come up with.

Then, we made Christmas cards.

Time for lunch!

We ended our day fixing the Christmas tree and decorating them with colourful christmas ornaments. Have a Happy Merry Christmas everyone!