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Who still remember Singa? For those growing up in the 80s/90s might  remember that good old Singa. For those who might not have the chance to know Singa or forgotten, this is a new animation commissioned by the kind folks at SKM. The aim is to reintroduce Singa to a new generation of audience.

Welcome to Kindsville, a colourful town which never rains and never gets dark. Join Singa and his friends as they learn new lessons about kindness and graciousness from each other with each new day. Nothing makes them happier than to see how a compassionate act can brighten another’s day. Whether it is to greet others with a cheerful smile or to go the extra mile to help someone else, the Singas believe that no kind act is too small or insignificant.


Check out the Ep 1 of Operation M.A.C.E series

Operation M.A.C.E builds upon a story that is set in a futuristic Singapore that has been invaded by a race of aliens resembling Aedes mosquitoes. Known as Mosqueros, they invade planets for food and breeding sources.To deal with this threat, a M.A.C.E agency is set up where M.A.C.E agents are sent out to eliminate the monsters.

Client: NEA

Do check out our latest showreel

The second iphone app we did for SCDF is now up for download. Some topics included are Signs of Stroke/Fits and Treating Fractures, Bleeding and Sprains. And there is also a game available for users to play with. Check out the app here.

This is one of the episodes (Total of 14) that we did for NEA M.A.C.E dengue prevention project. We have one clip up on our channel. For the rest of the episodes, watch it here.

Here’s two Land Transport Authority (LTA) Work Safety videos we’ve just completed. This project consist of two animation videos and printed materials to educate employees and employers about the importance of work safety in their work place. To read on more about the new LTA regulations, click here.

LTA Work Safety Video

Character Design

What is your flavour character ? Have you ever wonder what makes a character appealing? In this article, I will share with you some of my thoughts about character design.

Getting to know your character

Before you start sketching, it is good to ask yourself a few questions e.g. Who is this character that you will be drawing, is he a good or bad character? How old is he? What kind of environment and background is he coming from? What kind of personality or emotional mood i.e. happy, sad, shy, smart, stupid etc. Just like developing a character for a script, the more you know about your character, the more details and ‘life’ you will be able to build into your character.

When I was designing Stoneboy (, it took me a few days before I completed 3 pages of character’s bio. It started as my research on my character for the story development but I soon realized that the more I know about my character, the easier it is for me to visualize it on paper. Below you will find an image of our main character: Stoneboy.


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