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The second iphone app we did for SCDF is now up for download. Some topics included are Signs of Stroke/Fits and Treating Fractures, Bleeding and Sprains. And there is also a game available for users to play with. Check out the app here.


This is one of the episodes (Total of 14) that we did for NEA M.A.C.E dengue prevention project. We have one clip up on our channel. For the rest of the episodes, watch it here.

Here’s two Land Transport Authority (LTA) Work Safety videos we’ve just completed. This project consist of two animation videos and printed materials to educate employees and employers about the importance of work safety in their work place. To read on more about the new LTA regulations, click here.

LTA Work Safety Video

We have finally completed our animatic.  Moving on to the animation production.  Check out  the below character from the show.  Her name is…..goat?


In any animation pipeline, we always have the need to cook up characters for a short film, supported MDA and Singapore Film Commission. This unnamed bear character, is one of the more recent ones we are working on.


Beware of the cannon goats!

These are actually very small sketches, no more than 3cm tall per bear. The reason for the small size is to help lay out a good silhouette and not to concentrate too much on the details. These small quick drawings also help out in getting the feel and weight of the character, which comes in very handy when animating later.

Once we nailed down a few designs, then a larger and more detailed version is produced from the chosen designs and then refined to the final design to be used in the animation. At the same time, its also a great time to have fun when fleshing out characters!




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