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A short animation video,  drawn on whiteboard by Kristofer Ström’s .  The longer version is only available on DVD. For more info and videos, check out his channel page.

After completing the storyboard, we are now working on the animatic. Pretty excited as we are moving close to the animation production. The storyboard turns out quite well and I hope we will have the same result for the animatic.

Produced some animation test the other day and we ended up adjusting the color of the characters. The initial look and feel for this project was meant to be rough, non-clean-up lines with uneven fills. I’d the impression that we had lost the look as we move ahead…maybe it is the character design or the treatment to the design.  Just like a typical production process, when you have the deadline behind you, you have to give up some of the “idea” visual and move ahead. However, we managed to bring it back recently when we experimented with the color during the animation.  Thanks to the team for the effort.

Below you will find our main character for the story, Ben.  Ben01