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This is one of the episodes (Total of 14) that we did for NEA M.A.C.E dengue prevention project. We have one clip up on our channel. For the rest of the episodes, watch it here.

Over 3 months of hard work for our team, we have finally completed the 1 minute and 4 minutes teaser of Operation M.A.C.E for NEA. Operation M.A.C.E builds upon a story that is set in a futuristic Singapore that has been invaded by a race of aliens resembling Aedes mosquitoes. Known as Mosqueros, they invade planets for food and breeding sources. To deal with this threat, a M.A.C.E agency is set up where M.A.C.E agents are sent out to eliminate the monsters by depriving them of food sources and sweeping out all possible breeding grounds. Enjoy the teaser!